Grants and Research

GRRATE: Guitars, Rocketry, Robotics, Advanced Technical Education, NSF Award #1800955. Principal Investigator. July 2018 – Present, $467,713. The overall objective of this project is to expose underrepresented students to the on-the-job experiences of careers in STEM fields and to build the confidence they can succeed in these careers. We accomplish this through a multi-disciplinary curriculum with a flipped classroom experiential learning model. The online curriculum provides a common framework for the course which is complemented by three interchangeable hands-on projects focusing on either Guitar making, Rocketry, or Robotics. A pre/post-survey design is used to evaluate changes in attitudes towards STEM fields.

The Authentic Inclusion of Community Colleges in National Efforts to Broaden Participation in Computing: A Workshop Proposal, NSF Award #1745811. Principal Investigator. July 2017 – July 2019, $86,260.This workshop, which was held at Google headquarters in Mountain View, CA in January 2018, brought together community college researchers, faculty, and administrators to develop a model for including community colleges in national Broadening Participation in Computing initiatives.

Collaborative Research: Online Technical Education in ATE-Funded Programs: Building Evidence-Based Practice Recommendations, NSF Award #1501541, #1501794, #1501683. Principal Investigator,October 2015 to October 2018, $358,764. Collaborative research sponsored by Western Michigan University, Santa Fe Community College, NM and Santa Fe College, FL. This qualitative research project seeks to synthesize what has been learned about designing and providing online technical education in 38 funded ATE projects to provide guidance on best practices for online technical education.

Cybersecurity Program Development, NSF Award #1304342. Principal Investigator, October 2011 to October 2015, $200,000. This project included the revision of an A.S. degree program, three new college credit certificates, and six new courses. In addition, the project developed a recruitment and retention strategy for increasing the gender diversity of the IT student population.

Protect Gainesville’s Citizens – Cabot/Koppers Superfund Site, Principal Investigator and Lead Author, September 2009 to March 2011, Environmental Protection Agency Technical Assistance Grant (TAG), $50,000. Established Protect Gainesville’s Citizens, Inc. (a non-profit organization) to work with the Gainesville Mayor’s office, City Commission, the EPA, and Gainesville citizens to guide community involvement in the resolution of the Cabot/Koppers superfund site.

Cisco Academy, MOUS, and A+ Training Workforce Development, Senior Project Personnel, September 1998 to October 1999, Florida State Board of Education, $368,200.

Networking Services Technology Program Development, Senior Project Personnel, January 1996 to June 1998, Florida State Board of Education, $150,000.

Study of CPR Retention in EMT A’s, Project Manager, 1992 – 1994, Centers for Disease Control, $50,000.

Water Safety Education in Inner City Areas, Project Manager and Lead Author, 1992, American Red Cross, $10,000.

HIV/AIDS Workforce Education, Project Manager and Lead Author, 1990 to 1994, Multiple funding sources, $200,000.