It’s exciting to see the results from Santa Fe College’s first ever student racial climate survey.  The results show that we’ve come a long way in developing an inclusive environment that supports and celebrates all of our students. It also shows us there are areas where we can do better.  I am proud to be part of an organization that is not afraid of asking the hard questions, and then rolling up our sleeves and tacking the work of creating systemic change.

We used the National Assessment of Campus Collegiate Climates developed by the USC Race & Equity Center at the Universtiy of Southern California.  The survey results provide us with information about our own student responses as well as a comparison with other colleges and universities that participated in the study. The survey was completely administered by the Race & Equity center via an e-mail link. Students were able to complete the survey on their cell phones, a tablet or a computer.  Our challenge was in raising awareness about the survey and in convincing students to take the 10-15 minutes reqired to complete the survey.

The summary report with recommendations is available to view on the Access & Inclusion Advisory Committee website.